That's Frequently Asked Questions, Y'all

Do you use the Agile Methodology?

Yes. Our own, proprietary methodology combines Agile development with specialized processes for specification and estimation.

What languages, technologies, etc. do you use?

In general, we pick the best tools for the job. However, we are highly experienced with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and Apache. We also provide solutions using Wagtail, Electron, iOS, Android, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and WSO2.

Do you offer web and database hosting?

Yes. Our preferred partner is Linode, but we've also deployed to AWS and Azure in the past. We can provide deployment and maintenance using our infrastructure or yours.

Will you take on an existing project?

Generally, yes. We are expert code-readers and contrary to what you may have heard from other providers, our first suggestion is not "rewrite all the code from scratch". If you have an existing project -- even a project that's in trouble -- the first step is to contact us.